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Multi-energy X-ray Security Inspection System

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FISCAN CMEX-T5030 is a multi-energy X-ray security inspection system equipment with state-of-the-art X-ray imaging technology. It provides high resolution and ultra-clear images for easy object identification with the latest technology of computer control and image processing. With a compact design, it is ideal for security inspection of hand carried articles at airports, customs, railway stations, government buildings, mailrooms, courts and many other public gathering situations.
Power Consumption approx. 0.5kVA
Power port 220/110VAC(+10%~-15%),50Hz±3Hz/60Hz±3Hz,single phase
Tunnel Size 536(W)×344(H)mm
Dimensions 1283(L)×720(W)×734(H)mm
Weight approx. 100Kg