iVMS-5200 Professional

Free 30 Day TrialWhere to Purchase The iVMS-5200 Professional is dedicated to providing reliable video solutions, featuring central management, third-party integration, and a failover mechanism. Targeting medium to large-scale deployments, Hikvision’s iVMS-5200 Professional boasts a unified platform that manages sub-modules including video modules, mobile surveillance modules, parking modules, and smart wall modules, among others.

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The iVMS-5260 Mobile Client is the mobile client software designed for getting access to the iVMS-5200 Professional via wireless network with mobile device. It provides the functions of obtaining the camera resource of the iVMS-5200 Professional and realize the live view, PTZ control and remote playback of the cameras, as well as locally storing and managing the captured pictures and recorded videos during live view and remote playback.

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