LH-69 Series Wireless Water Detector

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Reliable and flexible easy intallation, this product effectively detects water leakage in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, mechanical rooms, warehouses etc, and sends alerts to the system for appropriate action.

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Water Detector
  • App Control
  • Super low power
  • Plug play
Potential Accidents Are Everywhere

Knowing Water Leaking At First Time From App Notification
LED indicator flashes quickly and wireless signals waill be sent to alarm hub. instant message aill br sent to your phone and get
more time for you to deal with unexpected accidents.

Support QR Code Learning
Scan QR code to add devices from App (iHORN smart) to connect internet.
  • Water detector power on
  • Wi-Fi configuration scan QR code, Add device
  • Finish&Enjoy
Wireless Protocol ASK433MHz
Working Voltage DC3V
Standby Current ≤30mA
Working Temperature/Humidity -10℃~55
Wireless Distance ≥100m
Working Voltage
Transmit Power ≤14dBm
Transmission/receiving Dbm 108dBm
Size 73*52*21 (MM)