HO-02 Series Wireless Panic Button

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This product could be used as panic button, and also a scenario button which could be customized by users.

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HO-02 Series Wireless Panic Button
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  • SOS One-key SOS
  • No installation
  • Super low power
Enabled one-key alarm&also supports various of intelligent scene customization, and it able to control the lights, open or close curtains, arm&disarm..etc.
  • Sending alarm message to alarm hub when in emergency
  • Alarm hub received message
  • Know emergency at first time
Ultra-low power design longer battry life
Supports code scan to connect gateway, alarm hub, access to home inteligent network.

Ultra-thin design
Sucker, 3M tape installation, Easy to use.
Wireless Protocol ASK433MHz
Working Voltage DC3V
Standby Current ≤17mA
Working Temperature/Humidity -10℃~55
Wireless Distance ≥100m
Low Voltage 2.5V±0.2V
Transmission Rate ≤14dmA
Transmission/receiving Dbm -108dBm
Size 43*39*11 (MM)